About Us

About Us

What We Stand For

Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative is a non- profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization founded in 2021 with the primary objective of creating an unencumbered digital society in the areas of digital literacy, digital rights, digital inclusion, digital safety, digital peace, entrepreneurship, technopreneurship. This will be attained through mentorship and outreach, advocacy and campaigns, education and training, games and sports (edutainment), provision of small grants, transformational thinking and action.
Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative is duly registered in Tanzania under the Non- Government Organizations Act No. 24 of 2002 with registration No. ooNGO/R/2673.

Our Mission

To cultivate a digital literacy culture in efforts to create an empowered digital society capable of improving its wellbeing and bridging the digital

Our Vision

To advocate for the dissemination and use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) among youth and women, in order to
leverage its potential to drive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union (AU) Agenda 2063.

What We Do

  1. Internet Governance and Digital Rights
  2. Digital Peace & Digital Diplomacy
  3. Digital Inclusion and Safety
  4. Localization (English- Swahili)
  5. Digital Mental Health
  6. Research and Policy
Meet Our Team

We are led by a team of passionate professionals who strive to create an empowered digital society. Get to know us.

Peter Mmbando

Founder & Executive Director

Boniface Witaba

Co-Founder & Senior Research Consultant

Alembe Joseph

Executive Secretary

Emmanuel Chenge

Financial & Administrative Manager

Elizabeth James

Advocate/ Attorney

Shadrack Mwesa

IT & Communication Specialist

What We Do?

Internet Governance & Digital Rights

Dar es Salaam School on Internet Governance (Dar SIG) is a Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative’s (DA4TI) capacity development advocacy program, focused on topics related to Internet governance, digital rights and policy.

The program is targeted at but not limited to, media practitioners, lawyers, researchers, digital rights activists, undergraduate and graduate students from universities and tertiary educational institutions in Dar es Salaam and its environs.

Digital Peace and Diplomacy

This is an initiative which oversees the dynamics and emergence of new policy topics in diplomatic negotiations: Topics including cybersecurity, data protection, privacy, data governance, ecommerce, cybercrime, and AI governance.

The use of digital tools in the practice of diplomacy: social media, online meeting & conferencing, big data and AI analysis, etc.

Digital Inclusion & Safety

Digital Safety Workshop Series is a Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative’s (DA4TI) capacity development program whose primary objective is to address the growing need to safeguard the safety of online users.

The workshop series shall cover topics such as CyberSecurity instaces, DNS threats/DNSSEC, Online harassment, Digital safety and hygiene practices, Cyber-crimes, Data protection and privacy.

Localization (English/French -Swahili)

Localization of Internet governance and digital security tools (English/French-Swahili). This Swahili initiative’s overarching aim is to localize Internet governance and digital safety tutorials, as well as digital security tools through organized edit-a-thons and sprints across Africa.

Digital Mental Healthy

Invincible minds initiative runs a series of comprehensive educational outreach workshops on mental health issues in the community, in efforts to end mental health stigma and build a community of healthier lives free of mental illnesses.

Research and Policy


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